Iowa Chill Podcast - Episode 26

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Al Capone Booze Stash? - Iowa Chill Podcast 26

We have some good news and we have some bad news...

The good news:

- Iowa Legendary Rye stumbled upon a piece of 90 year old history. Great news for Rye whiskey fans. 

- Disney+ is a huge hit on opening day. If you grew up on Disney like us, this is a double thumbs up. 

- Bronny Jr. and Zaire Wade will have 15 televised games on ESPN during this year's high school basketball season together. Isaiah Thomas of the Washington Wizards, "That's more than us."

The bad news:

- Updates to the Iowa's Ride were made this week. The bike ride that was originally planned for July 18-25 is now scheduled a week prior. Good news if you are hoping to do both the Iowa's Ride and RAGBRAI. 

- Accidental vasectomies are possible... don't worry they are also reversible and you may become a millionaire in the process.

Congratulations to state champion qualifiers in both volleyball and football!

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