Iowa Chill Podcast - Episode 30

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Surviving WWIII - Iowa Chill Podcast 30

Welcome back to the Iowa Chill Podcast, welcome to the new decade, welcome 2020!

It didn't take long for us to get into conflict with the Middle East. 18-26 year olds, prepare to get drafted (we kid, we kid). 

Illinois legalizes recreational marijuana and makes over 11 million dollars in a week. 

Australia is on fire.

Iowa college basketball teams are in dire need of some W's. 

This is our best episode yet, we hope you enjoy! Had to start the new year off with a bang. As always thank you for listening.  if you enjoy, make sure you go to Spotify or the Apple Podcast app on your phone and leave a 5 star rating with a review. We appreciate you taking the time to listen.

Don't forget to use code: CHILLPOD20 for 20% off Enjoy!

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