Iowa Chill

"The thing about culture is that it has to come from the ground up. A lot of people go to the coasts or the South and bring back those flavors to the Midwest, but it doesn't stick because it's not a representation of the people. Iowa Chill is the brand for the people of Iowa. For us to be culturally relevant, creativity has to start from the ground up."

From breaking news to everyday activities across the state, Iowa Chill specializes in promoting the people of Iowa, actively endorsing Midwestern values and bringing people together for memorable experiences.

“We believe our social media networks have significantly contributed to the growth of state pride and appreciation for who we are. While we promote and cherish our current culture, we look to contribute to its evolution in arts, entertainment and news coverage.”

 – The Founders

In 2019, Iowa Chill remains focused on promoting, reporting, and telling great stories about the people and organizations around the state with an emphasis on connecting with fellow Iowans at fairs, festivals, competitions and much more.  

Onward and Upward, Iowa!